Lock Range

Lock Range –

Looking for a new lock or just want to upgrade you current lock, we have a wide range of lock available to our locksmiths that can supply and install the lock you need.
Locks come in different functions / finishes / sizes, Speak with our locksmiths if the lock you are looking for is not listed.
If you are looking to just purchases a new lock and install the lock yourself, we can still help – See our Locksmith Lock Shop

Domestic Locks

Lockwood 001. The Lockwood 001 is one of the most commonly used locks Parramatta Locksmith 001in Australia, suitable for house doors and unit front doors, this lock has a fire rating and comes in different finishes and options. These locks will automatic lock when you close the door. Once the door is closed, you will need a key to unlock the door from the outside. From the inside you can unlock the lock with the turn handle. The Lockwood 001 can be key locked on the inside and is recognised as an insurance approved double sided deadlock.


Lockwood 355. If you have double doors, or you are looking for a lock that will Parramatta Locksmith 355not automatically lock you out when the door is closed, you may want to look at the Lockwood 355. This lock has interconnecting locking lugs that connect with the frame or keeper to give you maximum strength against attacks.




Garage ADI 444 Lock. This lock is suitable for garage doors that lift up. If you have the standard T shaped twist Parramatta Locksmith Garage Lockhandle, you should consider upgrading your lock to this secure locking lock. The 444 Garage lock has a hardened locking pin that lock the lock and the door in place. The locking pin goes threw the lock and into the concrete, providing strong security for your garage.




Whitco Sliding Glass Door Lock. This lock is suitable for sliding glass door; Parramatta Locksmith Sliding DoorYou can lock and unlock the lock from both sides. The inside of the lock has a locking switch that you simply lift into place to lock. By using the key the lock becomes deadlocked and can be unlocked from inside and outside with the use of the key.



Double Sided Deadbolt. This lock gets its name from the bolt that is projected Parramatta Locksmith Deadboltwhen you turn the key. When locked the bolt will travel between the door and into the doorframe providing strong locking. The bolt becomes dead and cannot be shimmed back to open the lock. This means the old trick of using a credit card to open a lock will not work against a deadbolt lock.


Mailbox Locks. If you are getting your mail stolen, or you are finding your Parramatta Locksmith Mailbox Lockmailbox open and unlocked, its time to upgrade your mailbox lock. The common mailbox locks have numbers on the front of the lock, this means people can get a key cut to your mailbox from the number without you knowing. Most mailbox lock use a master key, this mailbox key is sold on Gumtree, and burglars are going mailbox to mailbox cleaning them out using this master key. Our locksmiths can install a new lock, which uses a round key. This lock dose not have a key code on the lock, the new lock dose not have a master key to open the lock. More secure locks for you mailbox start from as little as $44 + service call