Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions

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Some of the more common questions our customers ask our locksmiths everyday are below. Including the top 30 Questions

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If you have a question that you feel should be on this list, just let one of out locksmith know and we will have it added to the page with attention to answering the question in easy to understand terms.

Question. I want to change my lock, do I need to buy the lock?
Answer. No, our locksmith will supply you a good lock. So that all you need to do is just call and our locksmith will take care of the rest.

Question. I can buy a cheap lock from the hardware. Can you install the lock?
Answer. No, we only install our locks, locks that are of good quality.It’s equally important any lock we install is nice looking and most of all reliable

Question. What’s the warranty period for a lock?
Answer. 12 months if we sell you the lock and install the lock.

Question. Do I get warranty if you change the key of the lock?
Answer. Yes you get 12 months warranty on the lock cylinder, we do not give warranty on the existing lock. given that the lock is not new, our locksmiths can only warrant the work they do. For example if the key dose not turn, this would be under warranty. For example, the door dose not lock into the keeper. This would be a fitting problem and not under warranty

Question. I will need my locks changed, how much lead time do you need?
Answer. Often we can do the work the same day or the next day.

Question. I work Monday to Friday. Do you work weekends?
Answer. Yes, in this case the price is higher on the weekends.

Question. I will need a receipt for the work, is this ok?
Answer. Yes, any work that we do you can have a receipt for, just ask the locksmith at the time of payment.

Question . Can I get a discount for cash?
Answer. No, the only difference is the fee from the bank for the transaction, so it’s as little as 1.2% and not enough to make any difference.

Question. How many keys do I get with my lock?
Answer. Normally 2 keys, if you have your locks keyed alike you get 2 keys in total.

Question. Do you cut key – duplicate keys onsite?
Answer. Yes, but be aware that keys start from $11 per key.

Question. Can I get a locksmith at my place at 7am?
Answer. Yes & No, it depends on the workload on the day. This time is still considered outside of business hours and is charged at a higher rate.

Question. I don’t get paid until Thursday. Can you send me a bill?
Answer. No. We need payment after the work is done.

Question. Do I need to pay in cash?
Answer. No, our locksmiths have Eftpos machines. Cash or Card is ok

Question. Where is you shop located?
Answer. We do not have a retail shop at this stage.On the positive side we do not need to pass on the extra cost to our customers, allowing our locksmiths to offer competitive prices.

Question. I have lost the key for my house can you make me another?
Answer. Yes we can make you the same key or a new key.

Question. I have lost the key for my car. Can you make another key?
Answer. Some cars we can make keys for, some we cannot.

Question. I’m locked out of my car. Do you do that?
Answer. Yes we open about 80% of cars and trucks on the road, including Toyota and Nissan.

Question. I have lost a key, is it better to get a new lock or change the key?
Answer. Instead of changing the lock, change the key. The cost is the difference. It’s cheaper to change the lock to a new key, and more expensive to supply and install a complete new lock

Question. My handle lock is not working on my unit, what do I do?
Answer. Try turning a key in both locks at the same time.

Question. Can you fix my lock and bill strata / agent / owner?
Answer. No, we can only do this if the strata / agent / owner has made the booking and they have an account with our business.

Question. Can we setup and account?
Answer. Accounts are for customers that use our service more then once a week. After a few weeks of work, our accounts team will setup an account for suitable business. Until that time all work will be needed to be paid for once completed.

Question. Do you cut security keys
Answer. Only if the key has Dr Lock and no other company on the key, Keys are only cut for authorised people. If you live in a building see you building manager first.

Question. I have an emergency. How long will it take to get to my place?
Answer. This depends on the traffic and the distance from our closet locksmith at the time of call, we make every effort to attend to you as quick as possible. Our Locksmith still have to follow all road rules. If you feel it’s a life treating situation, call 000 and have the fire brigade gain entry. Locksmiths are only an option if you have the time to wait.

Question. I need window locks, to comply with the regulations. Do you install them?
Answer Yes, we install window locks to comply with the new child safety regulations.

Question. Do you have a licence?

Answer  Yes, all our locksmiths are licensed, the business holds a master security licence, another key point is that Dr Lock  is a member of the most recognised locksmith associations in Australia – See  about us for more info